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Collection stuff
has different types of semiprecious stones, for example, tourmaline, aquamarine, quartz, ammonite, agate and others. Many of them are combined in the same rocks

is from onyx, lazurite, serpentine, marble, quartz

Vases and cups
are made of onyx, lazurite, serpentine, marble, quartz

have the very different range of raw materials. Painters select stones with proper colour for pictures to be elegant

Beads, necklaces, rosaries, ring etc.
are also made of many types of semiprecious stones. Here are some of them, amazon-stone, amethyst, spinel, tourmaline, lazurite, jasper, chalcedony, rhodonite, onyx, clear quartz, smoked quartz, calcite, serpentine, almandine and many others

Faceted crystals
used for mounting into different cases, for example, rings, earrings etc., are made from the following raw materials: ruby (Tajikistan), sapphire (Madagascar, Ceylon), emerald (Afghanistan, Panjsher), and from semiprecious stones: amethyst, almandine, tourmaline (6-7 colors), topaz, spinel, humite, aquamarine